How to Market Your Website For Free

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

Before getting started, it’s important to note that business owners shouldn’t be TOO caught up in this post’s title. In advertising and marketing, where expenses are few, there’s usually a hefty time requirement.

That’s the way of the world web-marketing world.

But thanks to the boom in online startups, social media and Internet use, several tools are now accessible to companies who are just getting started and need to build an online audience. To better equip you to attract more traffic, conversions and sales, here are some excellent FREE resources to help market your website:

Google Drive

Google Drive is a free service that lets you store all your files including documents, photos, videos and Google Docs online and access them anywhere. This service from Google is a great way to preserve valuable computer memory space. Once you’ve created content to share on your website, allow Google Drive to store it for you securely.

Social Media

The social web is always expanding – offering web marketers a slew of outlets for their marketing messages. It’s all about selecting the outlets that yield the highest return on time investments.

Social networks include Facebook and LinkedIn. Microblogging sites include Twitter and Tumblr. Bookmarking sites include StumbleUpon and Digg. In any marketplace, there are certain websites that work better than others to increase a company’s visibility. Choose the social media sites from this infographic that are best suited for you and your audience.

LinkedIn Account

LinkedIn is singled out because it’s an invaluable resource for professionals in ANY industry.

B2B companies should make good use of the newly redesigned Company Pages – which are great for directing potential buyers to basic information about the company’s values, products and services. B2C companies also benefit from LinkedIn’s network of over 175 million professionals. Connect with other entrepreneurs, with mentors, with industry leaders and with users who match your ideal target profile.

Just remember to leave your website’s URL wherever you can: in messages to other users, on your Company Page, in relevant Group discussions and on your personal profile.


Social Mention a social media search engine that gathers user-generated content from across the web into a single stream of information. Based on the keywords searched, Social Mention lets you know exactly where to go to spread your message.

Because the discussions are already relevant to your business, it’s easy to join the conversation and link to your website for an interested audience.


Hootsuite makes social media marketing a bit easier by saving time. Using Hootsuite, you can schedule posts to go public whenever you want. It also allows you to see your social media activity in customizable streams. This tool is free for up to five different social media accounts – including but not limited to Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn accounts.

Spend Some Time. Save Some Money.

While using free resources to market your website is a great idea for small business owners, be prepared to invest in attracting the unique traffic your company’s website really needs in the future. Until then, spend some time with the above-mentioned free tools and save money.

As long as quality is not compromised, taking the frugal route will do no harm.

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