How To Market Your Brand to Your Audience

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

Anyone with any success in building prosperous marketing strategies will tell you that knowing and understanding your target audience are the cornerstones of effective marketing.

You don’t want to waste any of your budget on marketing messages sent to people who have no interest in your solutions. Even if they are interested, unless they have a problem that warrants your solution, chances are, they won’t be buying. So obviously, targeting prospective leads and customers is important.

But, you can take targeting a step further to eliminate instances of your messages going in one ear and straight out the other.

You can also increase your marketing strategies’ ROI once you begin to consider the following…

In every group of prospects is a variety of personalities, lifestyles and needs to be met. Although you’re trying to sell a solution to every prospect, not every prospect will be compelled to purchase by the same message. What works for some, won’t work for all.

You have to determine what specific triggers sway buyers.

If you can break down your audience into segments based on differing personalities, lifestyles and needs, you can create messages that are more persuasive.

For example, a company is selling a small business accounting software product. There are several specific types of people – with different needs – to whom the company can market.

Work at home parents. Small business owners. Beginner freelancers. Young professionals coming from graduate school and long internships. Start-up teams. Sole proprietors. The list goes on.

Each narrowed down group has a marketing message specifically created for them.

As a bonus, social media is a bit easier to manage. Once you know exactly whom you want to communicate with, from there you only have to locate where they’re hanging out in the World Wide Web and make sure you’re there with interesting and useful content to reel them in.

The principle of this marketing strategy is to speak to individuals and not just a group of prospects. Value is easier to prove this way. Leads and customers will feel understood and that your product or service is just what they need.

And that’s always the goal, right?

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