How To Get Around in the New Linkedin Profile Page

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

If you have visited Linkedin today, you will notice that it has changed the look and feel of the personal profile page. The new page is streamlined and provides quite a different experience when you are viewing someone’s profile. There is more of a focus on activities and connections in the new look.

The more visual design is intended to make a stronger first impression, and to better showcase your skills and accomplishments. For example, the work history, ratings and new insights that run down the right side of the profile page will match your skills and interests with people in your network. Also, the newsfeed was relocated to the very top of the profile page. Also, there is a larger profile photograph at the top to provide more of an impact.

There also is a new section called Background. There you will have an opportunity to relate professional stories about your work history and to show other aspects, including your volunteer work and various awards and honors.

Professional experience and educational background also has been combined so that you can see a quick summary. There is a new capability for you to control what other people see about you. This is done through nominating highlights.

The insights and ratings on the right side mean that you now are able to see what you have in common with your connections and companies. Insights show what common ground you have with people who are not in your network.

With the new profile page, you can post updates from your profile; it is easier to see what is going on with people in your network. This is because there is a new Activity section that has been added.

And, there is a new feature that lets you see what other people are sharing in their network. There is now a headshot of all connections in a single screen, rather than scrolling.

On the down side, LinkedIn has ended its Events function, which many users found helpful. Still, the overhaul is overall a good thing, and is not the only thing LinkedIn is up to lately. And more changes are on the way.

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