How To Craft Compelling Landing Page Content

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

Using a mix of both organic and paid platforms to attract attention from online consumers is wise. While you can get a lot of attention using organic search, you will need to use tools like Google AdWords to take your online presence to the next level. As you start to use paid search to further your reach, you need to learn about the importance of landing pages.

A landing page is a particular page on your website that contains specific information about a product or service you provide. These pages are usually created to coincide with a paid search campaign to spread mass awareness of your business. Millions of tech-savvy business owners use landing pages to convert visitors to their website into actual customers. Are you trying to create compelling content for your landing pages? If so, check out these helpful tips.  

Provide the Most Important Information First

Burying the most important information about the products/services being covered on the landing page is a big mistake.  Most people visiting these pages will develop an interest in what you are selling based on your ad copy. If these motivated consumers click on the link to visit your landing page and aren’t presented with relevant information, they might get frustrated and leave. 

This is why you need to work on covering the important information about the products/services first. Including a list of features/benefits at the top of your landing page is a fantastic way to reel potential customers in. 

Speak Directly To Your Reader

As you start to write the content for your landing pages, you should consider how you want to address the reader. Ideally, you want to write this content in second person because it helps you speak directly to the consumer reading it. This means you will need to use words like you and your in this content to make it feel more personal. 

You also need to use direct sentences to get your point across about the actions the reader needs to take after consuming the content. These sentences should include wording like “try this now” or “sign up here.” Being personable can help you make a positive impression on potential customers and win them over. 

Make the Content Easy To Scan

Another thing you should keep in mind when developing content for your landing pages is that people will be reading it in a hurry. This means you need to make it easy for them to scan it and find the information they are looking for. The best way to make your content scannable is by doing things like:

By doing this, you can make the content on your landing page easy to scan. If a reader can get the information they want in a hurry, they are more likely to invest in the products/services you are advertising. 

By putting these tips to use, you can create landing page content that actually converts.

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