Helpful Tips to Win Back Credibility, Trust, and Your Digital Customers

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

There has been a visible shift away from the trust customers have in traditional business messaging, along with the executives or “suits” who are delivering them. Consumers today are “digitally distracted.” This high level of distraction has led customers only to trust things they can see for themselves – they want the raw data and information, not some polished message full of salesy-talk and jargon.

This high level of distrust in scripted messaging has led to an increased demand for new, unfiltered marketing, along with so-called business credibility heroes (i.e., Elon Musk), who make bold statements and villains in the digital marketing world.

Now is the time to learn how to rebuild your credibility, grow trust among your consumers, and earn back your position in the digital landscape.

Customers Want Control

Everyone is struggling to keep up with the technological acceleration going on. Each day, it becomes clearer you cannot trust links in emails, phone requests from strangers, and marketing guarantees. Now it is time to eliminate these intermediaries.

Also, consumers are now taking control. They are using the technology they have access to and speaking to one another while asserting their position using forums and reviews.

Utilize Unscripted Communication to Build Credibility and Trust

Unfiltered means first-person delivery with no enhancement so you can apply your point of view and experiences to what you have been shown. This allows you to use your judgment to help you form your own opinions. Executives and brands that are willing (and capable) of doing this will become the most credible and the most trusted.

Unscripted follows the same concept when applied to your marketing communications. Today, your customers will not respond to the timeless, safe messages they see time and time again through traditional media. When it comes to trust, they will go online to see how you are handling satisfaction issues and support.

Provide In-Process, Real-Time Updates Rather Than Stories After the Fact

All consumers want to be an insider and a development contributor to the final product. At the least, they want to feel connected through the entire process. This is something that helps to breed advocacy, trust, and loyalty, instead of distrust or skepticism of everything you do or say.

Use In-Context Facts and Experts to Improve Credibility

Use social media influencers and known experts to help turn your marketing into teaching rather than selling. Today’s customers want the “how and why” behind what you have said. This is what helps them align their interests and needs with yours. In turn, this helps them develop both confidence in your brand, increased trust, and eventually, loyalty.

Trust and Credibility: It’s Essential for the Success of Your Digital Marketing Efforts 

Some of the information here may be new to you. However, it is effective and will help you improve your digital marketing efforts. If necessary, hire professionals for help. They can ensure you develop a marketing plan that ensures credibility and trust in your brand.

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