Helpful Tips for Using Google’s Keyword Planner

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

Is your goal to create epic content? If so, it takes more than just sitting down and writing something. You must create content that is well-thought-out, helpful, and easy to find when people are searching for it.

If someone is searching for an answer to a problem they are dealing with, they will likely turn to Google for the answer. If you create content based on Google data, it will increase the chances the searcher will find your content when trying to solve their problem.

Now the question is – how can you create content that uses Google data? The best way to do this is by using a tool offered by Google – the Keyword Planner. With this, you can research what people are actively searching for.

Keyword Planner is set up to provide you with information about what people are looking for. It will give you the terms being used, how many times certain terms are entered, and how competitive the terms are. While it does have some limitations, using this tool can enhance your content and Google Ads significantly.

What Does the Keyword Planner Actually Do?

This is a feature-rich, multi-functional tool that will help you with keyword research and ad planning. It doesn’t matter if you are conducting your first-ever search or if you currently have a list of words to use; this tool will help. From this point, you can take the information you gather to create useful content for your target audience.

Getting Started with Keyword Planner

First, go to your Google Ads account. At this point, you don’t have to run ads or enter your billing information. Instead, just navigate to the homepage for Keyword Planner. The next steps include:

Next, you will be asked about the campaign type, but you can skip this by choosing “create an account with no campaign.” There will be several more screens with questions about your business, and once you are through these, you can choose “submit.” Now you should be in your Google Ads platform.

Getting New Keyword Ideas with the Keyword Planner

Once inside the platform, you can choose the option to discover new keywords. This is when you can enter the keywords you plan to target. You can choose a topic, product, niche, industry, or anything else that you want to find related keywords for. Regardless of what you put in the search box, you are going to be given related words. You can then use the keyword and reach filters to sort through the options and find the right keywords for your business.

Get Help with Your Keyword Efforts

If you are confused about using the Keyword Planner, then it may be beneficial to hire professionals. They will be able to let you know the specific steps to take or take over this part of Google Ads creation for you.

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