Great Ways To Optimize Paid Search Ads For Phone Calls

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

Most business owners take great pride in staying on the cutting edge of technology. While using the latest tech to connect with consumers is beneficial, you need to avoid overlooking traditional tools that can further your reach. Nearly 60% of consumers claim they prefer to contact new businesses with phone calls. If you want to combine the power of personal communication with your online marketing efforts, then you need to work on optimizing your paid search ads for phone calls. 

Click-to-call buttons have been a staple of paid search ads for years. However, many business owners fail to realize they have to entice consumers to use these options. If you want to optimize your paid search ads for phone calls, check out the useful information below. 

Location-Specific Targeting is Important

Conquering your local market with sound marketing campaigns should be one of your main priorities. Attracting local users with your paid marketing ads is difficult but definitely achievable. When a person is looking for local services/products, they usually want the option of calling a business If you want to make sure that your ads reach the right audience, then you have to use local targeting. 

Failing to use this type of targeting can result in your paid ads being shown to people who have no intention on using your products/services. Google Ads makes it easy for you to target locations for your ads. If you are unsure about how to optimize your paid ads, then working with the team at Web Marketing Pros is a must. With our assistance, you can get a great return on your paid search investment. 

Let Consumers Know a Real Person is Standing By To Talk To Them

When a consumer looks at a paid search ad, they are inspecting it for useful information and trust signals. If your main goal is to get people to click the button to call your business, then letting them know an actual person will answer their call is important. Advertising this fact is a great way to show a potential customer you are adamant about addressing the concerns/questions they have. 

Training your staff on how to properly handle these incoming calls is also important. The last thing you want is for lack of training to ruin potential sales leads. By developing a script for your team to follow, you can make sure all of the bases are covered when a potential client calls in. 

Track Where Calls Originate From

If you want to truly optimize your paid search marketing campaign, you have to track data like where the calls you receive are originating from. Knowing which ads are producing and which ones are not is a great way to cull wasteful spending and maximize the impact your paid search campaigns have. Instead of trying to handle the monitoring and optimization of these campaigns alone, you need to work with professionals. 

Using the tips in this article can help you get more calls from potential customers. 

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