Google Talking With Dish Network to Build Wireless Network

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

Google already sells cell phones and tablet computers, provides all types of online services and even lays high speed fiber cables to homes. And now Google is thinking about offering a wireless network service, too.

Google continues to talk with Dish Network about creating a partnership to build a wireless service that would compete with AT&T and Sprint, the Wall Street Journal reported this week.

The two parties are still at an early stage in talks, and there is the possibility that nothing could come out of it. Google is just one corporation that Dish Network is talking to. However, this conversation suggests that Google is likely to take its business in a new direction soon.

For its part, Dish Network has long stated an interest in wanting to partner with another firm to build a wireless data network.

Dish Network has been purchasing spectrum that could theoretically support a wireless service, according to the Journal. It still does need to get regulatory approval to set up such a service, though. Much of Dish Network’s spectrum is reserved for satellite use. This means that Google and Dish would need to pursued the FCC that it should be able to use it for another purpose.

Google, which is currently facing threats to Google News, has not commented publicly on the talks with Dish Network. If it does choose to enter the wireless network market, this could support its stated goal to make high speed Internet services more accessible to more people in North America.

Also this week, Google stated that it had begun to connect some homes to a fiber broadband service that the firm has been building in Kansas. Google stated that this network is part of an experiment to provide high speed broadband to 500,000 people. However, Google has said that it wants to take this service nationwide.

If this move does become reality, Google will take another step to becoming one of the most dominant tech companies on the planet – from browsers to wireless networks, there will be nothing Google can’t dominate.

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