Google+ Revving up Features to Draw in Users

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

google-plusApart from the marketing community, Google+ hasn’t brought about much attention and users. Though, we can’t really say that haven’t been trying. However, now it seems that they may make some leeway this time. This big update is meant to put a focus on the uploading of videos, photos, and animated images.

Google+ is going big with their new photo integration. After the update, users will be have unlimited storage for small photos, automatic linking, hash tag support, and a large variety of cosmetic options. One of the new options is going to be called Auto Enhance. It will analyze and automatically tweak your photos by changing brightness, contrast, color correction, noise reduction, tonal distribution, and saturation. There will supposedly be more intensive changes as well, but none will be destructive and the feature can be disabled.

Another new feature that I personally think is amazing is called Auto Awesome. It’s a pretty spot on name if you ask me. If you upload of series of similar photos, it will automatically put them together into an automated GIF. Also, if you upload a set of group photos, it will stitch together one photo so that everyone is smiling. It will also make auto panoramas and HDR photos if the right kinds of photos are uploaded.

Most of the changes are focused on make the tedious task of uploading photos easier.  This will really be more compelling for the average user and may bring in a lot more.

What about the marketers? Where is their new content? Well, they weren’t left out in this new update.

First off, there is going to be the addition of relevant links to images. As images are posted, Google+ will automatically add links to them that would be relevant and make sense. Marketers will figure out how to become those relevant links and thus comes the endless options of increasing traffic and rankings. So, SEOs should start working on figuring that one out.

They will also add hash tags like on Instagram and Twitter, which we all know how those work. One person can post one along with their original post and soon others that aren’t even on your friends list can come along and like or comment on it.

The new features discussed earlier for average users can also be a huge help to marketers. They can use these clever new additions and allow them to make creative content that users enjoy.

The Hangouts feature will also be updated and made easier. These are already big with marketers, so if they become expanded and better used, this will blow the door right open.

All in all, these new features really seem amazing and I’d expect that they really will draw in new users as they become posted.

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