Google Maps Redesign Leak

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

google-maps-street-viewGoogle I/O is about to unleash all of the things Google has been working on. Google always has something up its sleeve! However, much like prior to other major events like this, information has been leaked about new things to come from Google. This time it was the new design of Google Maps. Even though it was for only a short moment, Google briefly put the new design up early. In this short moment, Droid Life was like a child at Christmas looking at their presents early and took quick screenshots of some of the new features. Thanks Droid Life!

Some of the new changes that were discovered is a brand new layout, new ways to highlight the “things that matter most”, and new search features.

One of the awesome new features is the ability to compare different modes of transportation to your destination. Instead of just a car, you can compare train, bus, bicycle, walking, and airplane routes, which is fantastic for some people who may not drive and want to see how far it is to walk somewhere or if they want to bicycle somewhere.

Furthermore, the things that everyone loved about Google Earth is now integrated into the map and from the look of the photos surfaced, appear to be much clearer images. I remember when I first discovered Google Earth, because I was so thrilled about the idea of seeing my own house on the system. I’d search and search for my address, but I’d always be stuck questioning which one was really my house. Usually due to the fact that the system wasn’t always up to date at every address and I’d find out that my house is the one swarmed by trees, even though most were removed by then.

Google Maps also has the ability to gather all of the imagery of one location in a certain spot. This is such a major update because not only will you be able to find crisp, detailed images, but you also won’t have to search all around to find the area that you are looking for.

They have also integrated the reviews and ratings that you usually have to search separately for, Now, as you search for a business on maps, their reviews and ratings will appear with it. This is awesome for a person like me who is obsessed with looking at reviews and ratings of places. It’s always nice to find the best place to go to for certain services.

This is the reason in which Google always stays in front of the competition and is the usually on top. They are always working to make their software better and have proved that here with Google Maps new design. It looks as if Google is taking another step away from just being a search engine.

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