Google Launches Dynamic Search Ads Beta

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

Google-AdwordsMany online businesses use Google Adword Campaigns to make online sales. But many companies may have constantly changing product lines, items that become unavailable for a few days, and even some products that are no longer stocked. And, as we all know, user search behavior is a fickle thing. According to Google statistics, 16% of the searches it sees each day are completely unique.

So, even if your Adword campaign is expertly managed, you still can miss relevant searches, have delays in writing ads for your new products, or get out of sync with the products you really have available on your site. This is not a good thing for advertisers or end users. After all, your potential customer is much more likely to become a customer if he or she lands on a page with items that are in stock and match what they are seeking.

To help you to deal with these multiple sales challenges, Google is launching a Dynamic Search Ads feature. This is a whole new way to help you to target key searches with dynamic ads that are pulled from your current website content. The purpose of Dynamic Search Ads is to enhance your current keyword ad campaigns to help you sell more product with minimal additional effort.

With Dynamic Search Ads, Google will maintain a fresh index of your in stock products. Google does this by using its organic web crawling technology. When a search occurs that is relevant to you, Google will dynamically generate a new ad with a headline that is based upon the search phrase. The text will be based upon your site’s most relevant landing page.

This new ad will enter the auction and compete just like before. However, Google states that it will hold it back for any search where you also have an ad with an eligible keyword. So, you will get additional results from the broader exposure for most of your inventory that is in stock. This will not disrupt any of your current keyword campaigns.

Sounds like a great new add-on for your Google Adword Campaigns. Read more here. Also, be aware that other changes are afoot at the search giant, such as Google Apps are no longer free for businesses.

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