Google has all the Answers to the Search for Viral Blog Post Ideas

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

Keeping a blog updated consistently is the key to building a community and influence in your niche. Interesting and informative posts keep readers coming back to learn and engage.

While content creation is a simple concept to grasp, execution isn’t always as easy. There are times when blog post ideas just don’t come as freely as needed.

In comes the almighty Google to save the day.

Google is a one-stop resource for blog post ideas. And you don’t even have to go any further than the search engine’s home page.

While the Google Keyword Tool is another good way to glean blog post ideas, there’s an even more simple way to get your mind racing about creative topics to elaborate on – topics that your audience finds useful and memorable.

In order for this method to be as effective as possible, there should already be a list of SEO keyphrases to incorporate into the content.

With keyphrases already selected, Google offers enough blog post ideas to keep your editorial calendar well fed.

Search Google as if you’re looking for answers in order to find the most common questions amongst your audience.

From the search engine’s home page, type in the keyphrase you’d like to use. If, by chance, you’re not sure which keyphrase to use, just type in a broad descriptive phrase of the market in which your blog is categorized.

For example, if you sell online accounting software for small businesses and your keyphrase is “small business accounting software,” type that in. If you’re not sure which keyphrase to use but would still like to gather a few blog post ideas, just type in a general phrase like “online accounting.”

Once you start typing, you’ll see that Google lists common search queries related to your keyphrase. Pay attention to them. In order to make the prediction list, these queries were searched on Google more than a little bit.

You can get even more specific suggestions for blog post ideas by adding an interrogatory word to the end of the keyphrase.

Going back to the example above, if you type the word “how” after “small business accounting software,” a list of blog post ideas that consist of questions on how to do something related to small business accounting software appear.

Glean great blog post ideas from Google‘s suggestions.

The best part about this method of compiling ideas for an in-demand blog post is that there’s no doubt that the subject matter is highly coveted. Otherwise it wouldn’t be a suggestion.

Because the topics are so in-demand, when elaborated on in an attention-grabbing and helpful manner, your chances of creating a viral blog post increase significantly.

Using other questions words like what, when, where, why and who behind your keyphrases produces even more often-searched phrases for the taking. Write down the ones that relate most to your targeted audience and that match well with the tone of your blog.

Everyone knows Google has all the right answers. It also has all the right questions in your niche. Use them to populate your blog with more share-worthy content.

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