Google Hard At Work At Beautifying Mobile Search

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

This week Google has been upgrading its mobile search tools so that it makes answers richer, more interactive and ‘beautiful,’ according to industry reports.

The upgraded mobile search now has Google-looking data boxes to show important information including flight schedules, weather and conversions. The concept is to help users find information quicker and more easily, with as little clicking required as possible. These new changes affect mobile users who conduct their searches in English.

If you do a search for a weather report on your mobile device, for instance, at the top of your results you will now see a 10 day and an hourly forecast. You can then interact with that forecast. Or, if you search for a certain flight number from United, you will see a flight progress indicator that shows arrival/departure times. This allows you to quickly ascertain the status of a certain flight.

Google User Experience Designer Jeremy Henry stated this week that when you search on the updated mobile platform, you will see major improvements in how Google provides these quick answers. You also will better understand what information you need and what is most important to you.

Also, Google has upgraded how you will see search results on mobile devices for stocks, unit conversions and currency. And, expect to see updates in the experience when you look up dictionary definitions, local time queries and sunrise and sunset times.

Google is attempting to become more of a destination site, rather than simply a way for you to access another website. Last month, the search giant also added a scientific calculator and desktop search results to its platform. Further, in the desktop search world, Google has made numerous changes to make searching even more intelligent than ever. This includes an expansion around the globe of its Knowledge Graph feature for all users who speak English.

All in all, a busy week of updates for the global search giant!

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