Google Dominating the Buzz About Driverless Cars

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

google-carsWhen people are talking about driverless cars in the Internet, Google is the one that most of us talk about. Note, that’s Google, and not Toyota, Volkswagen or Honda. Or Nissan, which is the car company that has put the most resources into driverless cars to this point.

No, the space is being dominated by Google, according to a recent study of millions of news stories online.

When it comes to driverless cars, the scores for Google soared, which was actually the first company to test a driverless car (in Nevada). Things really took off when the firm announced that it was going to build its own car with no driver from scratch.

Until this point, Google, which is adding a new AdWords Express App for mobile, had been testing the driverless technology on refitted Priuses. Google seems to really be making the driverless car fad a real thing.

What is interesting is that regular car companies really started to fall behind Google as far as getting more buzz going about driverless cars, according to this study.

Matter of fact, Google totally overwhelm them. A distant second place goes to Intel, which has said that it is going to come up with products to market to car makers that make driverless cars. After Intel, GM, Mercedes and Audi Nissan are next. Nissan is far back in sixth place, even though that firm has pledged firmly to have driverless cares by 2020.

Even though there is a lot of interest in these cars, some automakers have had almost no buzz in this area, such as Ford, Hyundai and Kia.

Still, even though driverless cars are getting a lot of buzz, they still are not taken very seriously by the public. As of now, the public is more interested in smart watches, civilian drones and online privacy. But we will see how the driverless car movement develops in coming years. One thing is for sure.  It is not a surprise that Google is right in the middle of yet another development cycle of new product, given its also trying to come up with a blood sugar-checking contact lens.

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