Google Announces Upcoming Plans for 3D Asset Ads

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

As the average computing power of smartphones and computers increases, so do the number of options available to advertisers. Faster devices mean that ad platforms have more resources that can be used to create more engaging experiences. Google is testing a new ad format that will let advertisers use 3D objects in their ad campaigns.

Earlier this year, Facebook made some updates to its ad offerings to include the use of 3D objects. A recent announcement from Google indicates that the search giant is testing something similar. A new ad product called Swirl will make ads with 3D assets a reality on phones.

As Rashi Verma, a product manager at Google, stated, “Swirl is a new immersive display format designed for mobile web and available on Display & Video 360. People can explore every angle of your product by rotating the 3D object in all directions and zooming in and out, interacting from their device as if the product was in front of them.”

3D objects give advertisers many new options for content that weren’t available before. With 3D objects, you can provide your target audience a chance to explore the item thoroughly and get a better feel for if the product they see is appropriate for their needs.

These ads aren’t limited to 3D images of real-life objects. You can use these models to showcase the exterior and the interior. For example, you can one view show a car’s exterior in profile, while turning it around will cross-section view of the interior. Google showcased an ad from Guerlain, a leading perfume and cosmetics company, which features a bottle that can be rotated. The back view is a representation of the ingredients, and it also includes some animation.

It may take advertisers some time to get used to all of these features, but they will lead to more engaging advertisements. Facebook has a specific tool for creating 3D content, and Google plans to introduce something similar. Google states that Poly, Google’s 3D platform,  will be added soon, and it should make it “easier for brands and agencies to edit, configure, and publish high-quality, photorealistic models to use in immersive display ads.” Brands that already have 3D assets can add them to the 3D/Swirl component in Google Web Designer.

Companies that were involved in the beta test reported good results from the new ad format. According to Jean-Denis Mariani, the Chief Digital Officer of Guerlain, “Swirl is opening up a whole new creative canvas for us. We’re able to tell a more dynamic story about our products and give customers a powerful new way to interact with them.”

Businesses should seriously consider trying the new format when it becomes available to everyone. Consumers see a lot of advertising, so having an ad with a novel gimmick could be enough to attract the attention of your target audience.

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