Google Analytics Adds Awesome New Tools

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

Google Analytics has several new tools upgrades including social trackbacks and custom dashboards. Of course, Google being Google, Google Analytics can now be found through Google+ as the company seeks to make its social network more relevant.

As noted elsewhere, Google Analytics has also added Content Experiments, migrating and incorporating the former Google Website Optimizer into Google Analytics. Optimizer is being phased out in favor of Analytics.

With Content Experiments, site owners can create A/B/N experiments to measure how effectively different versions of a page get visitors to convert to sales or results. This tool helps web site developers and administrators determine which page design and content is the most effective. It lets you set up tests in your Google Analytics account.

Social Reports Trackbacks is a handy tool to learn who is sharing your content with other people. As you publish new content, Google Analytics scours the web for pages which link to the new content, and builds automated reports. Trackbacks help developers and administrators learn which content gets shared, and keeps track of conversations generated from those sites.

Lastly, the Google Analytics Easy Dashboard Library allows users to create custom dashboards. Users can quickly build a dashboard for reporting across multiple profiles that is custom tailored to your specific business. Previously, this required the learning of API, and then deciding how to integrate this data with a visualization library. That all ends with Google Analytics Easy Dashboard Library, which allows you to create unique dashboards quickly and with very little coding.

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