Give Your Twitter Image the Characteristics of an Effective Logo

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

A few weeks ago, Twitter’s CEO announced a feature that makes the micro-blogging social network more creative and personalized. The feature – a profile header image – is obviously reminiscent of the cover photo that Facebook already allowed users to customize.

Google+ also has the cover image feature, and LinkedIn incorporated cover images into the design of Company Pages. Even so, everyone recognizes Facebook as the originator.

Twitter just joined the cause.

Because Twitter is the land of the most creativity in the least space, companies might need some help in choosing a new Twitter header image that works best for their business model.

Businesses should treat the Twitter header image (or any other cover image for that matter) as another opportunity to brand their selves.

Think of the header photo as space for a logo. This article explains the characteristics of an effective logo: simple, memorable, timeless, versatile and appropriate.

By treating your new Twitter header image as a logo, the chances of attracting eyes and gaining mind share increase.

Before running off to learn how to add a cover photo to Twitter, read ahead.

Keep the following tips in mind when adding an image to your Twitter page.

The new Twitter header image’s dimensions should be 1252×626 and less than 5MB in file size. To be sure the image makes the most of the space Twitter has given it – prime page real estate – it has to be the right size.

Make sure your new Twitter header image will be comprehensible whether viewed via desktop, laptop, mobile tablet or smartphone. Yes, iPhone, iPad and Android users will be able to the see header images when they visit a profile. Make sure the image is something they’ll understand.

Keep the colors simple and clean. Preferably, companies should incorporate the same color scheme they already use in their company’s branding. Don’t be too vibrant with colors because the words in your Twitter bio will appear on top of the header photo.

Make the most of the header image space to expand on the Twitter bio’s 160 characters. If you need more space to offer services, connect with the audience or direct them to a blog or social media account, the header photo is in a location offering a clear view of that information. Just be sure to keep at least one active link in the bio copy itself, because viewers aren’t able to click on URLs embedded in the header image.

There’s an endless array of possibilities for the new Twitter header image space. Because it is so prominently placed, companies need to be taking advantage of the chance to have a more personal relationship with followers.

Treat the header image space as billboard space to display your logo and to increase your brand’s visibility.

Internet users love visual content. Twitter’s new header image feature offers another chance to take advantage of that.

Choose wisely!

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