Get Your Website a Facelift

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

web-designThe internet. Everyone knows about it, everyone uses it. It is no longer the age to post ads in newspapers and only sell out of a shop. Businesses need the internet.

As the younger generations grow, many spend much of their time on the internet, whether that is with purchasing items or searching for a service. Without the internet, a business is limiting themselves greatly and reducing the chance of gaining valuable revenue and customers. However, a business can’t simply throw a page together, do a hack job, and expect to see any business. A business owner must consider many things about their website, but most importantly, how is anybody going to find it?

It’s simple. Without traffic, a website cannot last. Through Search Engine Optimization, company’s set forth to bring your business to the top of the results list. An average user is not going to waste their time sifting through page after page on Google to find the perfect website to fit their needs, they are going to see the first five websites and pick the best one.  In this new age governed by search engines, getting your business to the top of the list should be your highest priority.

Furthermore, your website is likely in need for a major tune-up. Our world is filled with endless sights and sounds that make for a pleasant experience. If a website was promoting the adoption of animals, a user isn’t going to want to see blurry photos of dirty, unattractive animals, they are going to want vivid images of cute and playful animals that they feel they could have within their home.

Also, the color of a website could ruin a page in an instant. Users don’t want depressing or hard on their eyes colors, they want to be comfortable while surfing through your site, preferably with a sense of calm or happiness. Blue is a color typically known to promote a sense of calm, while bright neon colors way bothers the user’s eyes. Also, flashy lights may seem to be an attention grabbing tool, but this can easily promote a headache or simply irritate a person.

So all in all, search engine optimization and web design are two of the most important aspects of building a website for your business. One cannot downplay the importance of two, because they have such an integral part in keeping the website afloat.

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