Gain More Pinterest Followers with 5 Easy Steps

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

pinterestIn it’s few years of existence, Pinterest has continued to amaze marketers with its potential to attract fans to a brand, refer traffic to websites, and to convert more sales. It’s obvious why many business owners are trying to start marketing their goods, services, and brands on Pinterest. The problem many run into when they first start is how to initially gain followers. Lacking a paid advertising or content promotion system, Pinterest marketers need to think outside the paid content box when developing a Pinterest strategy. Though difficult at times, it’s not impossible. Here are five easy ways a business can gain more Pinterest followers.

  1. Use Promotions and Contests
    A good place to start a campaign to increase a business’s Pinterest audience is to use contests and promotions. The tactic is just as effective on Pinterest as it is on Twitter and Facebook (if not more so). Running a contest on Pinterest can be done for free, but there are also apps that can be used to make the administration easier, provide more options, and make the promotion available on other platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Since there isn’t a way to pay to promote the contest on Pinterest, marketers will need to spread the word on their own website, other social media networks, and on websites that specialize in showcasing contests (e.g.

  2. Use SEO Friendly Descriptions
    Another side effect of the lack of promoted content on Pinterest is that the search function is much more important on the Pinterest social network than for most others. The search function on Pinterest can be used to look for keywords in pin descriptions, profiles, boards, and hashtags. Using these elements strategically will greatly increase your exposure. To illustrate, a board title Company X Items will do poorly compared to a board called Home Decor Items from Company X.

  3. Comment on Pins with Similar Interests
    A key to growing followers on Pinterest is being active. Liking and commenting on pins with similar themes to the ones a business wants to promote is a good start. A company that sells clothing, can like pins from other people wearing their clothes and comment on pins about fashion and design. People will see these interactions and then (assuming the business name is in the Pinterest name) people will go to see what the business has that is similar to what they are commenting on.

  4. Follow Other People
    Similar to the previous point, spend time following the boards of people who with interests. The value of this tactic can be seen by looking at the profiles of the tops pinners. People that have hundreds of followers are also following hundreds of boards. People notice the people who follow them and they take special notice when a business chooses to follow them. Many will follow the company in return out of respect. And since the company is posting content that is valuable to the pinner, it will help the brand spread to new audiences.

  5. Use Rich Pins
    As was mentioned in a previous article, rich pins are extra bits of data that can be used to make pins for recipes, articles, and products more engaging. For example, an article pin gives a link to the article, the introduction snippet, and a full-sized feature image. As an added bonus, the content of rich pins show up in special categories on Pinterest. Rich pins generate more interest and attention, so it’s worth it for a business to take the necessary effort to get their site and profile approved for rich pins.

Gaining new followers on Pinterest may be challenging, but it’s not impossible. Businesses who already have a strong fan base and high web traffic have an advantage, but shrewd small business owners can make up for it by being very proactive. Taking the time to make a pinterest page that is searchable with content that is engaging is the key to making Pinterest work. Check out this article on Pinterest strategies for small businesses for more advice on creating more effective Pinterest marketing campaigns.


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