Facebook to Allow Users to See Their Ad Profiles

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

facebook-marketing-targetsDid you ever wonder why Facebook is showing you an advertisement for that cheap flight to Portland? You soon are going to be able to find out.

Facebook announced this week that it will give its users a chance to see the list of likes and dislikes that it keeps for them. You also will now have the ability to change, add or delete data in these files. If you hate a particular ad, you will be able to tell Facebook which marketing messages appeal to you.

This could be a smart move for Facebook. A good record of the interests of users, which is collected by tracking their site activity – is how ad targeting works on the network. Corporations are going to be more likely to purchase more ads and pay higher prices if they are sure that their Facebook audience is receptive to their products.

Facebook says that they often get feedback that users want more targeted ads. The goal of the new policy is to allow users to see why they saw a particular ad.

This move is coming as the FTC and the White House are asking Congress to pass a law that would give better protection to the private data of consumers.

It is not clear yet how privacy supporters and public officials are going to respond to the efforts at Facebook to make it more clear how ads work.

At this time, the information that Facebook has on your preferences is mostly based upon your activity on the site, such as liking a certain page or sharing a certain ad. But starting this month, the company is going to use data that it already was collecting from smartphones and other sites. This information will be used to better target the ads to the individual user. It also will allow Facebook to craft more effective mobile ads.

By listening to its users, Facebook shows why it is still on top in the social media world.

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