Facebook is Taking Over the World

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

facebook-taking-over-the-worldFacebook is no longer just a place to for people to view the day to day happenings of their friends. It has begun spark a new way of advertising. Although advertising had been with Facebook from the beginning, in recent times the advertising capabilities for companies have greatly increased.

Ads no longer are restricted to small advertisements on the side and advertisements from their own page; they are now beginning to appear throughout a user’s newsfeed. So now, as a user scrolls through the mindless jibber jabber of their friends and colleagues, they will come across an ad planted right into their newsfeed, lessening the chance of them carelessly ignoring it.

With this improvement, companies are becoming more in tune with the workings of Facebook. They can cleverly make and ad that catches the quick attention of a user with a catchy picture or witty wording, causing the user to become interested in the post and possibly leading them to view the page. They may also just have a slow internet connection and accidently click on the post. Nonetheless, once they enter the page, they become subject to everything the company has made available on their page.

This is the moment that requires the company to have put some effort into their page, not just simply slapping a few pictures on their and having minimal posts. If a company is willing to put forth the effort, they can really make their page shine.

I’ve personally seen pages that offer quizzes or polls about the product, postings that allow a user to vote on the next upcoming product change, and amusing videos that link into their current products, all of these things helping to draw a user in.

One of the great options is to offer exclusive discounts or coupons on Facebook. This gives users the incentive to keep up on the company’s page and look daily for new offers, thus promoting them to also view the other posts about the company.

People spend most of their times on social networks nowadays, so it would only make sense to take advantage of this and begin focusing some of the marketing on these sites. It just must remain clear that a company must put forth effort into their pages or no one is going to notice them.

The world is changing and to keep up with the changing times, a company needs to keep pushing forward and broaden their horizons or get left in the dust.

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