Emotion and Sales: How You Can Start Creating Empathetic Content Now

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

Are you publishing content that seems out of touch? If so, you are likely losing subscribers and customers in record numbers. However, if you are creating content that resonates with your company, it can help you win new customers and brand ambassadors.

The secret to creating this “in-touch” content is empathy.

Emotion and Sales: How You Can Start Creating Empathetic Content Now

Empathy isn’t just about acting like you feel something. When you take time to put yourself in your customer’s shoes by connecting with their feelings, thoughts, and point of view on a product, service, or situation, they are more likely to take the desired action. The ability to empathize is a skill that is worth developing because it affects everything – from team management to content creation. When done correctly, it can help people feel as though they are seen and heard. It can also help ensure your messaging is striking the right cord.

Empathy is a powerful muscle and one you can strengthen with the proper exercises, and by listening to what your audience has to say. Here you can learn more about how to create an empathetic blog, social, or email content.

Brainstorm Topics in the Content Sweet Spot You Have Discovered

While it may be tempting to jump on the most popular topics, if you are unable to speak on it from an authoritative standpoint, don’t do it. You also have to think about your audience.

Create a Venn diagram. In one of the circles, list the problems in your industry and that your audience is dealing with. In the other circle, list the areas where your brand has experience. In the area where the two circles interlock, find several themes where your brand and audience interests meet or intersect.

Now that you know what these are, you can brainstorm about the topics you can create and curate content on your blog, social media, or another location. Be sure to rank the themes in order of difficulty or priority.

Create an Empathy Map

An empath map can help you understand and visualize how your audience feels and thinks. To create this, draw four quadrants on a sheet of paper. In every section, you will write down one of the following things:

  1. What does your audience see?
  2. What does your audience hear?
  3. What does your audience feel and think?
  4. What does your audience do and say?

Under the chart, least the pains and gains of your customers. Fill in each of the sections with the information you know about your audience. Use the insights to create blog posts that will ease your customers’ pains and increase the gains.

Creating Empathetic Content: What to Know

When it comes to creating empathetic content, it will take time and effort. However, in the long run, it will be well worth it, as you are going to be creating information that resonates with your audience. This, in turn, is going to result in more sales and conversions, which will be great for your business’s bottom line.

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