Effective PPC Strategies for Your eCommerce Site

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

The right customer greeting, optimization of product pages, and implementing schema are just a few ways to improve your e-commerce PPC strategies. If you are ready to make changes and improve the PPC results your ads get, don’t stop reading now. Here you can learn effective and proven strategies that will help you get the desired results.

Always Greet the Customer

Send your customers a handwritten note or a nice freebie. You can also include a coupon for a future purchase. Another option would be referral cards for your customer to give to their friends. This will be a positive experience for your customers and give them a “good feeling” to your brand. It will also help encourage them to come back time and time again.

If you sell on other channels, such as Flipkart or Amazon, send products with a care package or coupon so the customer will return to your main website to make purchases in the future. This will help increase your profitability and increase revenue.

Optimize Your Product Pages

Spend time optimizing your product pages. When you optimize your product pages, it will help your SEO significantly. Create a compelling product title and make sure to add keywords in your title tag. These should be the words that people are searching for online.

Try to find keywords relevant to what you offer and add them to the description. Make sure to create relevant and unique descriptions of the products you offer. If you aren’t comfortable with SEO work, contact the professionals for help.

Update Your Product Pages

Make sure your product pages never appear outdated. When someone lands on your page, they want to find what they came for.

Using quality product photography is also beneficial. Make sure all the images of your products are clean, clear, and properly optimized. Consider adding product videos too, which can be helpful. It may increase the likelihood of a sale, which is great, but videos can also add value.

Make sure to highlight the primary benefits of free shipping, fast shipping, or something else. Try to acquire reviews of your products, too. Studies have proven that a review section on your product page can increase conversion rates by up to 400%. Be sure you add this.

Optimize Your Product Feed

It is possible to optimize your product feed with the google merchant center. Be sure you have good information in this section regarding the title of your product, the description, keywords, and more. This ensures that your ad will show up when someone is searching on Google shopping.

Get More Leads with Effective PPC Ads

When it comes time to create new PPC ads, there are a lot of factors to consider. If you are unsure if you can handle the optimization process on your own, contact the professionals. They will help to fine-tune your efforts and ensure they generate the desired results. In the long run, a strong PPC ad strategy will pay off.

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