Do Not Ignore Customer Complaints on Facebook

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

facebook-making-instagram-uncoolWe all hear so much about how to use social media to market our companies. But social media can be used for many other things that affect business. One of them is customer service and it is something that too many small businesses ignore.

A recent study by assembled customer service data by social media. It broke down which industries tend to get the most service complaints on social media. Overall, tech and finance companies ranked poorly in the number of complaints, and e-commerce and retail outlets seemed to do better. This could be because e-commerce and retail rely more on good word of mouth to market themselves.

But what we found most interesting was that many companies are rather slow to respond to complaints on Facebook and Twitter. Only 45% of the top 25 retailers bother to respond to Facebook complaints within 24 hours. And most users of Facebook and Twitter expect that they are going to get a response the same day. In fact, some Twitter users expect a response in two hours!

The study also found that as of 2011, only about 23% of 180 companies had a social media strategy set up for customer service. This can lead to negative feedback for your organization.

If you are not providing fast customer response on Facebook, you really should think twice. The survey and research found that ¼ of people who had a negative experience with a company reported it on social media and said bad things about the firm. And 31% of customers now resolve any customer service issues on Facebook and Twitter.

We found it interesting that the tech giant Google (hear of them?) ranked very poorly in their customer service practices on social media. Looks like the search giant needs to do a bit of work there before going through with that new smartphone Moto X deal!

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