Creating a Facebook Lead Ad that Converts: Everything You Need to Know

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

Did you know that over 95% of Facebook users access the site through their mobile devices? This means endless scrolling through newsfeeds, watching videos, and clicking on ads happens on these handheld devices.

Your challenge is finding a way to target people where they are spending most of their time.

Investing in Facebook lead ads is a budget and mobile-friendly way to reach your audience and get more leads in an effective way.

However, more leads don’t always mean you are getting quality leads. One of the best ways to help you capture more and better leads on Facebook is by creating lead ads.

What Is a Lead Ad?

A Facebook lead ad is an effective way to encourage more people to contact your business and to request information or services from your business with little effort. With lead ads, people can request specific information. These ads also help you capture your customer’s details for later targeting, without the person ever having to visit your website.

Lead form ads will include a call-to-action that generates a pre-populated form with information the user has already provided through Facebook. Users can then review and edit the information before submitting it.

Knowing what a Facebook lead ad is and what it offers is just part of the process. You must also create a lead ad that will help you acquire high-quality leads. Some tips to help you do this can be found below.

Give Visitors a Reason to Fill Out the Lead Ad

If you want someone to provide your business with their personal information, you should offer something they want. Be sure to think about this before creating your ad.

Consider something specific to your business that won’t cost too much to give away, and that will help you get the information desired from your target audience. For example, many lead ads offer free content. Some other things you can offer include a free quote or consultation, newsletters, event registration, early access to a new service or product, test drives, or entry into a competition.

Know What Information You Need

A lead ad is a smart way to acquire information from your target audience. Just make sure you aren’t asking for too much. If you do, the form may be too time-consuming, and it could deter possible leads.

This is going to contradict the appeal of a user-friendly, easy lead form ad. Therefore, you need to focus the information you need on what you are trying to achieve – nothing else. Facebook offers many fields to request data, but don’t ask for information you don’t need.

Using Facebook Lead Ads to Their Full Potential

While Facebook lead ads may seem complicated at first, they offer several benefits and help you with your social media lead generation efforts. When used correctly, you can feel confident these ads will provide you with higher quality leads. If necessary, seek help with this from a third-party service provider.

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