Commonly Missed Opportunities to Market Your Website via Social Media

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

There’s a lot to learn about social media marketing. And it’s always changing. In addition to learning how to market your website using social media, you have to learn to recognize all the opportunities to do so.

There are many ways to attract more traffic to your website. Rest assured, not many take advantage of them all. Read on to learn more about spotting web marketing opportunities.

To elaborate on the post’s title and explain what is meant by “missed opportunities,” here are a few examples of such instances.

Electronic Communication Signatures

Every email sent from a business account should have a signature. Any social network with electronic communication similar to email – like LinkedIn – should be treated the same. If there’s an option to customize a signature or to add a short marketing message at the end of correspondence, you have an opportunity to market your website or company blog.

It doesn’t have to be a fancy graphic or clever slogan. Leave a simple elevator pitch statement in the signature followed by URLs to a website, blog and/or social network accounts.

Make every email or message an advertising vehicle for you.

Repetition with Social Media

Tweeting about a recently posted blog entry and linking to the post on Facebook are effective traffic boosters. However, be aware that as time ticks on, the links are less likely to attract clicks.

That’s why repetition is so important.

Set the frequency for social media updates depending on the amount of content produced on a regular basis. Make sure each blog post or new content webpage gets the attention it deserves. 2-4 tweets on the day content is published keeps links fresh on timelines.

Facebook doesn’t require as much repetition. Yet, it is a good idea to link to content on a monthly basis. For example, an infographic published today should be posted to Facebook again on November 29, December 29, January 29, and so forth.

Natural, Online Discussions

Blogs, forums and social networks are simply arenas for Internet users to gather and talk about similar interests. These discussions are golden to business owners. By really getting into the conversations and offering valuable advice, opinions and perspectives, the foundation for marketing a website is laid.

In order to make natural, online discussions work for your business, be sure to create a Gravatar account. Even if the owner disabled linking in blog comments or forums, by having a Gravatar account, readers can find you by simply clicking on your name or picture.

Don’t let that opportunity slip through your fingers.

Web Marketing at the Right Place and Right Time

Professionals spend a lot of time trying to learn the best methods for marketing a website. It’s not always about the design or the copy. Sometimes being in the right place at the right time with your online information is all it takes for a post to become viral or for your website to see boosts in traffic.

At the heart of marketing your website is fearless self-promotion whenever the opportunity presents its self. Simply think of it as letting others know what you can do for them at every chance you can get.

No obnoxious advertising required.

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