Google Launches New Video Ad Format that Doesn’t Require YouTube

For many years, one of the main vehicles for spreading video ads online was YouTube. This worked well because of the size of YouTube’s audience, but it’s not perfect. To help increase the reach of their video ads, Google has announced a new format that will place video ads on variety of different sites and platforms other than YouTube. Google’s new Outstream Ad format will operate on mobile devices across Google video partner mobile sites and apps. This will be … Continue reading

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Facebook Adds New Features to Improve Video Marketing on Platform

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With fast mobile internet connection speeds and more powerful mobile devices, videos have become increasingly important for business owners and marketers trying to spread their message to a target audience. However, the fact that people are watching more videos on mobile devices affects the kinds of videos they want to watch. Because of this, Facebook is introducing some changes to make it easier to give consumers what they want. For decades, people have predominantly watched video content on screens that … Continue reading

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Mobile Video Grows 367% Since 2013

Video content accounts for a large amount of the time spent and bandwidth used on the internet. Sites like YouTube and Netflix are top internet destinations and a recent study shows that there influence is also seen on mobile devices. A study from Ooyala found that mobile video consumption increased nearly four fold since 2013. Ooyala recently released data that found mobile video views had grown 367 percent since the first quarter of 2013. Ooyala released their study on the … Continue reading

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Internet Video to Account for 80% of Global Traffic by 2019

When the internet first became available to consumers, video content was a luxury that most websites and content publishers didn’t worry about. When the top speed for home internet service was 56k, a grainy, 60-second video would take 10 minutes to download and require every bit of bandwidth. Now, content producers and advertisers can show fullscreen, HD video in real time without even stopping to buffer. These conditions have led to a rise in the consumption of video content and … Continue reading

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Adding Videos to Product Pages Increases Conversion Rate and Average Order Value

In a recent article, we discussed research that showed how adding videos to a site increased its visibility on Google. Better page ranks means more visitors to a site, but the value of video goes far beyond increased hits on the website. Video content has the ability to persuade consumers who are shopping online. A recent study found that adding videos to an ecommerce site dramatically increased the amount people spent. A new study from Liveclicker found that the average … Continue reading

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Study Suggests YouTube Is The Best Network For Conversions

YouTube is a blessing for marketers in several important ways. The primary benefit of YouTube is that it’s a place for marketers to distribute video content to consumers. Marketers can make product information videos, behind the scenes videos, interviews, commercials, and more, all on a network with hundreds of millions of viewers, and it’s free to publish. The other benefit comes from YouTube’s ability to send referral traffic to a website. This can happen from people clicking on ads or … Continue reading

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7 Reasons You Should Consider Video Ads

Online video has been extremely popular since the start of the internet for commercial use. For a long period of time, the focus was mostly on the video content itself. Business owners and fame seekers turned to internet video to get their name out to the public. While there were often ads on the web page with the video, it wasn’t until recently that technology and internet speeds have converged to make popup ads and full video ads a major … Continue reading

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Is YouTube Going to be Free Forever

Paid YouTube channels? This is the first day in which I have heard about it and my Facebook is already blowing up with people sharing the articles, outraged at the thought of having to pay for their YouTube. However, I don’t believe they are actually reading the article thoroughly. The talk of bringing in paid channels to YouTube is more aimed at the idea of bringing actual shows to YouTube. As companies such as Netflix boast subscription numbers of 30 … Continue reading

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Online Videos Break into Product Placement Advertising

Ever watch a television show and notice the type of laptop being used or notice the brand of clothing that a character only wears? Some could say that it is accidental or that it was just a random selection by the filmmaker, but most would say that this is a specific tactic of marketing teams around the world. Product placement has been used as a form of marketing for years upon years. Companies can slickly have a character drinking a … Continue reading

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What is Search Engine Optimization Video

This video is the best explanation of what SEO is that I have seen, thought I would share it.

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