Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Announce Major Changes for 3rd Party App Use

One of the issues that prevents business owners of taking advantage of social media marketing is the significant amount of time it takes to maintain a consistent social media presence. This is why many companies use third party systems that let them post to multiple accounts at once or schedule such posts in advance. However, to curb abuse of social media to spread misinformation, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all recently announced changes to their platform that will affect businesses who … Continue reading

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Facebook Announces Changes that Will Hurt Engagement for Most Business Pages

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Just like most people, Facebook has started 2018 with resolutions for the new year. Facebook’s annual goals are usually to make the platform more useful to advertisers and to increase engagement. However, things will be different this year, as Mark Zuckerberg has announced plans to drastically change the News Feed algorithm for Facebook in ways that will make it harder for business owners and content publishers to spread their target audience. The news came from a series of posts Zuckerberg … Continue reading

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Facebook to Start Page-Level Demotions for Chronic Engagement Bait Use

With millions of new posts being created every hour, it’s difficult for businesses to create Facebook content that gets noticed and engaged with by readers. It’s not uncommon for marketers to try to use tricks to boost their engagement, but this is something Facebook has always fought against. In their latest algorithm change, Facebook will start to penalize pages that use “engagement bait” tactics to increase likes and shares. Engagement bait can take many forms, but the most common form … Continue reading

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Twitter’s New Character Limit Creates Opportunities for Marketers

When Twitter first started over a decade ago, the team decided to limit Tweets to 140 characters, since that mirrored the limit of most text messaging systems at the time. The character limit became a defining feature of Twitter, but it also held the platform back. After years of trying, Twitter has finally introduced longer Tweets in an attempt to increase its market share. Twitter has often been criticized for their character limit because it was often an entry barrier … Continue reading

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Survey Suggests Marketers Believe Social Media is More Effective for B2C than B2B

As any builder or mechanic will tell you, it’s important to use the right tools for a certain job. Sure, you can hang a picture on a nail using only a socket wrench, but it’s going to take more time and not work as well. In recent years, social media marketing has become a sort of omni-tool for marketers with just about every business engaged in some form of social media. A new study shows that while social media marketing … Continue reading

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Facebook Threatens to Ban Advertisers and Page Owners for Cloaked Links

If you use Facebook to help promote your business or share content with others, you may have noticed some changes to the way link boxes are handled. As was discussed in another article, these changes were setup to prevent people from changing the link box to confuse readers. Earlier this week, Facebook has announced even more efforts to prevent misinformation campaigns from spreading on the platform. And in this case, violators may be banned from ads or have their pages … Continue reading

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95% of Consumers Have Mobile Devices in Hand While Watching TV

Mobile devices have become an extremely important part of everyday life for Americans and many people around the world. Most people are unlikely to be away from their mobile devices for more than an hour, and they check them constantly throughout the the day. A recent study from Facebook shows that even the time people spend with their TV screens is being shared with their mobile devices. An in-home eye-tracking study Facebook IQ commissioned in the US revealed that 94 … Continue reading

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Facebook Messenger Ads Now Available for Marketers Globally

Facebook has billions of users around the world, and knows a great deal about their likes and interests. This makes the platform incredibly useful for business owners and marketers. Facebook advertising is becoming even more diverse as the company will now allow business to advertise on Facebook’s popular Messenger app. Users will see the new Messenger ads in the home tab of their Messenger mobile app. When they tap on an ad, they will be sent to the destination chosen … Continue reading

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Facebook Announces New Metrics for Ads and Business Pages

Facebook recently announced significant changes and updates to the world’s largest social media platform. Many of these changes will create new and better advertising opportunities for business owners. This article will review some of the important announcements Facebook has made in the past couple of weeks. Facebook’s metrics are one of the major benefits of using Facebook advertising, since they allow business owners and marketers to make informed decisions about the effectiveness of their campaigns and ads. However, as was … Continue reading

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Study Finds that User Generated Content Positively Influences Most Online Shoppers

One of the greatest challenges of any form of marketing is coming up with new and compelling content for a target audience. This is an even larger problem for online marketing. The fast-pace nature of the internet requires a constant stream of new content from business owners and marketers. One way to reduce the burden on content creation is to allow fans to create the content for you. A recent report shows that many consumers, especially younger adults, are greatly … Continue reading

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