Are Links Really That Important?

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

Links are always near the top of the list for most people concerned with SEO. It long has been thought that getting high-quality links is the key to boosting your ranking in Google. There was a time that that was the case.

Today, you may want to think more broadly. This is not to say that links of good quality do not have value. They do. But you may want to consider that you don’t want to dedicate too much time to getting down into the weeds on linking, and think more of the larger picture for your website ranking.

As human beings, it is simple for us to get fixated on one thing. We think that if we, say, obsess about linking that this will pay us big dividends. But are we paying equal attention to other parts of the equation that could net even better results?

For example, are you paying attention to how your web presence is interacting with Facebook and Twitter? Are you engaging with your audience, or are you just sending out content that just promotes your products? That gets old fast.

What about on the editorial side? Are your writers pumping out interesting content that helps to educate your clients about some aspect of your business? Are you providing them with content they need, or content that you just want them to see?

Is your content management system working well from an SEO perspective, or is there still some sloppy code in there that could affect your rank?

Remember: Linking IS important, but you should not get obsessed and fixated on one single aspect of SEO. Building links is one part of the overall SEO process, but the fact is that a good deal of the link building process is out of your hands. You should spend some of your time trying to build links, but do not let that obscure your view of the entire SEO strategy of your site.

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