Annihilate competition by staying on top of web marketing news

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

It’s a race to the finish line – turning prospects into qualified leads and those leads into conversions. Undoubtedly your biggest competition has tools and techniques that work in its best interest. They may also give competition the upper hand in swaying your audience.

In order to regain an advantage, you’ll need to stay on top of web marketing best practices.

It’s not an easy task, but it is simple. From having a user-friendly website design to making your call to action as plain as possible, with everything you do to enhance your web marketing efforts, just remember to keep the consumer in mind.

Learn effective web marketing

The biggest challenge of effective web marketing is staying on top of what does and does not work.

With so many search engine updates and constantly changing avenues to reaching consumers, simply staying in-the-know is a full time job.

Measuring everything makes the job a bit easier.

Learn Google Analytics and how to track every possibly measurable web marketing effort. You won’t regret it.

By fine tuning your campaigns to only the most effective web marketing tactics, you’ll have less expended time and money – which means more profits from the increased revenue that active web marketing brings in.

Whether it is paid search advertising (PPC), SEO, social media marketing or mobile search, become associated with the big names in each arena.


For paid search advertising, stay on top of Google updates. As the most used search engine IN THE WORLD, always knowing what’s going on with Google contributes to making your web marketing efforts as effective as possible.


Lean toward white hat SEO techniques.

There’s nothing worse than showing up on a SERP just because of abused keyword density and shiesty link-building. As soon as a consumer sees useless or irrelevant content, that’s lost traffic FOREVER.

Your competition lies in wait for something like that to happen. Don’t give the satisfaction. Stay on top of the latest in SEO news.

Social Media

There’s not enough stressing the importance of social media interaction with a targeted audience. It builds mind share and drives traffic.

Yet, to get the best results from time spent on social media outlets, you have to stay on top of what websites are the most popular among your audience members.

Don’t let your competition have all the fun. Determine what social media sites you need to sign up for, then get active!

Mobile Search

As prominent as smartphones and tablets are, companies that don’t optimize websites for mobile viewing are doing themselves a disservice.

Businesses that aren’t up-to-date on the latest web marketing practices are already behind competitors who’ve begun to cater to mobile viewers.

Staying on top takes time and commitment

Finding out the latest in web marketing is a simple process – yet it takes a lot of time. That’s time many SMB owners just don’t have.

That’s no reason to let your competition keep on trucking along, sweeping up your audience from under your feet.

Hire a high quality web marketing firm with guaranteed results from past clients. Any notable firm should have a user-friendly website that details their services and the work done for other businesses. Research and select the best fit for your company’s web marketing efforts.

Whether you choose to go at it yourself or hire help, always being on top of what’s happening in web marketing is the key to eliminating the distance between you and your biggest competitor’s efforts.

And suppose you are ahead of your competitors… being up-to-date assures the race stays that way.

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