Actionable Tips For Creating Content That Converts

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

Actionable Tips For Creating Content That Converts

Finding ways to drive more traffic to a website can be difficult. One of the best ways to accomplish this task is by developing great content for your audience. The average person will have no problem stopping to read a blog or watch a video related to a subject they are curious about. 

Over $42 billion is spent on content marketing campaigns around the world every year. If the content you are developing is coming up short in the conversions department, it is time to take action. Below are actionable tips designed to help you develop content that will actually convert. 

A Strong Headline is Imperative

As you start to develop new content for your website, you need to think about how to reel in the people who see your content on a search engine results page. One of the first things a potential customer will see is the headline of your new content. If this headline is not engaging or interesting to the person in question, they will not give your content a second look. 

The first rule of creating a good headline is choosing a focus keyword. As you research keywords related to your industry, you need to find phrases that are popular, but have little competition. Featuring the right keywords in your content not only gets you attention from potential customers, it also puts your website on the radar of popular search engines like Google. With this attention, you can rank higher on search engine results pages about queries relating to the subject in question. 

Scannable Content Improves Conversion Rates

If a person goes online to find information about a particular subject, they want the answers to the questions they have quickly. Regardless of how well-written your blogs are, you will lose readers if they aren’t scannable. The people that visit your website want content that features sub-headings, short paragraphs and bullet points. 

With these elements in place, a person can quickly scan the blog and find the answers to the burning questions they have. The key to content marketing success is working with knowledgeable professionals who can produce scannable and engaging content. With this professional help, you can accomplish your conversion goals in no time. 

Great Content Features Detailed Calls-To-Action

The main reason why business owners invest in blog content is to find new sales leads. If you have a very detailed sales funnel in place, moving visitors to your blog to the next stage of this funnel is crucial. Instead of assuming the reader of your blog knows what actions they need to take after engaging with your content, remove any doubt with the help of a call to action. 

In your call-to-action, ask the reader to do things like fill out a contact form, call your business or check out a landing page on your website. You need to remember, the more information you can get from visitors to your website, the easier it will be to have successful email marketing campaigns in the future. 

With these tips, you can create great content that potential customers will love. 

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