9 Tumblr Stats Brands Shouldn’t Ignore

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

tumblr-logoFor the uninitiated, Tumblr is a platform that mixes blogging and social media elements. The site has nothing on the audience of larger social media networks, but the platform is growing in popularity. Many brands haven’t bothered with the Tumblr, because they already have a blog and social media and don’t see the reason for adding another. However, the number shows that there may be some value in adopting this up-and-coming platform. Here are nine stats that show why brands shouldn’t be quick to dismiss Tumblr.

  1. According to Tumblr’s own data, There are currently 102 million Tumblr blogs. Though only a little more than a tenth of Facebook’s audience, it’s still comparable to other platforms like Google+ and Instagram.

  1. Tumblr users are also very active in finding new pages. Tumblr also reports that the average Tumblr user visits about 67 pages every month.

  1. Tumblr is also the most popular platform among young adults. According to a study by Garry Tan, 57 percent of those aged 19-25 use Tumblr, vs 52 percent for Facebook, 17 percent for Twitter, 11 percent for Instagram, and 4 percent for Snapchat.

  1. The difference is more striking for high school students. The same study found 61 percent of teens aged 13-18 use Tumblr, vs 55 percent for Facebook, 22 percent for Twitter, 21 percent for Instagram, and 13 percent for Snapchat.

  1. Tumblr has seen phenomenal growth over the past year. Between January 2013 and January 2014, Tumblr grew by nearly 100 percent, going from 88.6 million blogs to 166.3 million. In fact, from January through April of 2014, gained 15 million new blogs.

  1. Tumblr is also a valuable tool for brands trying to reach minorities. Quantcast reported that 19 percent of Tumblr visitors are Hispanic, which is is almost two times the Internet average.

  2. Only 31 of the top 100 brands are on Tumblr, according to one estimate from Simply Measured. This means there is far less competition for smaller brands that want to make presence on Tumblr.

  3. According to data from comScore, users spent 154.1 minutes on average on Tumblr (per user), viewed 30.6 pages per visit, and spent five days on the site on average.

  4. As mobile devices grow in importance for marketers,Tumblr becomes a good option. Forbes reported that mobile engagement on Tumblr grew by 215 percent last year.This is probably due to the fact that 50% of Tumblr users access the site via mobile app.

Tumblr turns seven years old this year, and though it had a slow start, it’s clear that the platform is growing and can be a valuable tool for brands and marketers. It’s also worth noting that since Tumblr was bought by Yahoo last year, there will be further attempts to make the platform more attractive to business owners. As more and more brands start to use Tumblr, be on the look out for more statistics that show the value of the platform. In the meantime, check out these articles on this site about the value of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest for marketers.

9 Tumblr Stats Brands Shouldn’t Ignore

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