5 Simple Tips to Increase Your SEO Rankings

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

1)  Think about that URL.
Doing something as simple as using dashes instead of underscores in your URL makes a big difference in your page’s ranking in Google. Underscores makes Google assume that the words in your URL are only one big word, thus blundering the opportunity of ranking high on the search engine. Another thing to avoid is using what is commonly referred to as “stop words”. This includes but is not limited to the following words: the, it, and I.

2)  Don’t sign your life away to Meta Keyword Tags yet.
Most people seem to believe that loading an infinity of keywords in meta tags is the solution to all their problems. Nothing could be further from reality, since improved versions of search engines no longer pay much attention to them like in times of yore. Nowadays, the key lies into making individual pages targeting specific keywords and keeping it simple. Simplicity really works, so don’t over do it.

3)  There’s more to that Page Title than you think.
Did you know that using your most important keywords within the first 60 characters of your page title makes a difference? If your business is still relatively new, you might also want to consider creating a putting the title of a specific page before the name of your company. This will help that SEO ranking to go up while you work on getting better known in your field.

4)  Exploit those back links.
Generating traffic to your site is one of the first steps toward increasing your page’s rank in Google. Providing top-notch links within your copy will help you rank higher for search engines, this eventually helping you generate more traffic.

By the way, this includes linking a great recent blog post from your site to you current Social Networking sites. Don’t hesitate to share links to your amazing blog on Twitter, Facebook, or whatever else you may use. Or better yet, follow other blogs within your same field and post comments on their site. This will also help get your name out there and by default help you to acquire more followers. Network, network, network.

While time consuming, link building is one of the most profitable ways to improve your page’s SEO. Definitely a must do.

5)  The wonders of what an XML Sitemap can do.
Sitemaps allow webmasters to inform search engines like Google about URLs on your website that are available for crawling. An XML Sitemap gives additional information about each URL such as the following: when it was last updated, how often it changes, and how important it is in relation to other URLs in the site.

In other words, the XML file does wonders by allowing the search engine to crawl your site more intelligently and indexing pages the search engine might not have found otherwise.

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