5 Easy Ways to Increase Your Website Leads or Sales

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

  1. Use Google’s Website Optimizer
    Google’s website optimizer is a free tool that allows you to increase your conversions by testing different layouts, wording and landing pages.  Wording makes a big deal with conversions and the wording can make or break a site.  A great example is recently one of our clients had the wording BUY NOW on all of his products on his eCommerce website.  By simply changing BUY NOW to ADD TO CART his sales increased by 10%.  Sounds crazy right? Think about it, you  are a shopping online, you like the product, but don’t want to commit to buying it right now, therefore you want to add to cart.  Another example for lead generation would be figuring out the easiest way for someone to give you their info.  Get a FREE NO Obligation quote in minutes is a great call to action or CONTACT US for more information – don’t worry we won’t try to sell you anything works much better than either  Get a Free Analysis (sounds very involved) or Get a Quote – could mean annoying sales calls.  Also be very clear on describing what they are getting, don’t tell them they will get a free report and then not actually have a report.
  2. Track Your Conversions
    I am always surprised by how few people do this.  Tracking your conversions is very easy and can be done using Google Analytics.   You can use this data to push more marketing dollars at what works. Whether it’s PPC, Organic SEO, referral websites, banner ads or email marketing.  Tracking the conversions will allow you to specifically target the marketing that works.
  3. Talk Your Customers
    You customers will tell you what to do if you listen.  Ask them what they liked about your website, ask if they had trouble finding anything, were they impressed.  Your customers can help you fill in the holes on your website.
  4. Exploit Your Competition
    Let’s face it, where there is a McDonalds, there is a Burger King.  McDonalds did all of the market research and Burger King followed.  Look at your competitors websites, look at their ads, landing pages, marketing.  Learn from them.  Test different aspects of what they do and find ways to improve it.  After all that kind of information is priceless to your business. Both compete.com and Spyfu are good ways to get an idea what your competitors are doing online, however, I strongly suggest visiting the leaders in your industry and see what they are doing.
  5. Use the Bottom of Your Web Pages as One Last Sell Point
    I hate scrolling to the bottom of a website and not having anything to do, I would guess that 90% or more of the websites I visit are loaded with dead spots.  The bottom of your website is a great place to put your phone number, another lead capture form, a back to top link and / or a link to get to another page.  You most likely have sold them on your services if they got to the bottom of the page, why not capitalize on it.

In conclusion, knowledge is power.  Finding out what doesn’t work is more important than finding out what does.  If you really want your website to excel spend some time improving your website users experience and make sure they can quickly get to the information they want.  After all it’s not really your website, it’s their website.  Once you accept that you can significantly boost your leads and sales.

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