4 Ways Avoid Hiring a Sucky SEO Company

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

Hiring a quality SEO company is tricky. ‘We can help SEO optimize your site to put you #1 in the search engines cheap.’

Sound familiar? Who among us has not gotten one of these dumb spam emails promising us the moon, with unbelievable SEO results for your Website? Unfortunately, any idiot with a keyboard can make ridiculous promises about SEO results. What’s truly amazing is that so many uninformed people fall for bad SEO companies. Here’s some tips from Google on how to avoid sucky SEO companies.  Read on to learn four ways to avoid hiring an SEO company that sucks. Also read to the end for a little bonus on how to know the company totally sucks and you should run screaming for the hills.

  1. They offer you a free trial. Do you hand your car keys over to any guy on the street? No? Then why the heck would you give your Website login and password to an SEO company you haven’t signed a written agreement with? If you’re going to do that, just go all the way and hand them your stock portfolio and ATM card too. No legitimate SEO company is going to do work for nothing.
  2. They charge way too little or way too much. If you see an SEO company whose rates are far outside the norm, big red flag time, my friend.  You tend to see lots of bargain basement SEO offers on sites such as Elance. Look, if they were any good, they wouldn’t be advertising there with absurdly low rates. Abandon hope, all ye who hire firms such as those.
  3. They make absurd SEO promises, website unseen. If the SEO company is promising you out of the gate that they will get you indexed in Google in two days and never spent any time on your website, tell them to go jump in a lake. They have not done the work that a good SEO company needs to do to produce good results. Also, how well your site is set up is a major factor in how well SEO optimization can perform for you.
  4. “We’ll get you indexed in 1,000 search engines.” Who gives a flip? You should not be paying anyone your hard-earned dough to have them submit you to a bunch of search engines that make no difference at all to your market area. In reality, a site that is done right will not really need to be submitted to very many search engines at all. In any case, you can submit yourself to relevant search engines yourself for nothing.

So there you have it – 4 ways to know an SEO company sucks. Oh yeah, remember what I said about those stupid spam emails at the beginning? That’s the #1 way to know the company completely sucks. Tell me, do you trust ANYONE who spams you? Probably not. Ignore stupid spam emails from any SEO company you receive. Before hiring a SEO company be sure to ask them these questions. So now, off with you and find yourself a quality SEO company! Stay tuned tomorrow for ways to make that happen….

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