4 Tips to Give Your Content Wings

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

content-targeted-marketingAs the Internet has grown in size, accessibility and importance, so has the amount of content produced by marketers and business owners who wish to take advantage of the medium. To cut through the clutter, content marketing need to make sure that the items they produce are shareable. Getting content out to the public brings value traffic back to a site. By creating things that are willingly shared by the target audience, marketers can exponentially increase the range of their content. Here are four tips marketers can use to give their content wings.

  1. Choose a Target Audience and Stick With Them
    The first step to creating quality that spreads is too specifically choose the target audience you want the contest to spread with. Just as there is no way to create an ad that reaches are consumers, there is no way to create content engaging to all readers. To try and do so is a surefire recipe for content that appeals to no one. The target audience for content will be similar to the target audience for the site in general, however there will be differences. When deciding on a target audience for content marketing as questions such as:

Answering these questions will help business owners choose the target audience that’s best for their business.

  1. Produce Content With Long Term Value
    When producing content, marketers need to remember that not all content topics are created equal. It’s not just that some topics are more popular than others, what business owners need to remember is that some topics maintain the relevance far longer than others. When deciding on post topics, marketer should be searching for topics that will be search worthy even in the future.  For example, a post that addresses common questions from consumers will be beneficial for as long as new customers are searching for the answer to that question. Similarly, an article with the latest does this text and data on the topic will remain useful for months or years because it takes time to produce new research. This does it mean there’s no room for news articles. On the contrary, people are awesome looking for old news articles to verify facts they remember from the past.

  1. Make Content Readable on All Devices
    As has been into numerous times and other articles on the site, multi-platform compatibility is important with all content marketers produce. Its important that content be more than just beautiful on other devices. Viewers must be able to enjoy the content on the device of their choice. Small formatting changes, like the white space or the resolution of images, can have a big effect on how far cotton spreads. Building sites with responsive design will help with most of it, however, such automatic fixes don’t guarantee that everything works correctly on other devices. This is especially true for graphic-heavy and flash-heavy sites. Marketers need to take the time to view their sites and their content for all devices.

  1. Always Choose Quality Over Quantity
    It’s understandable that marketers are eager to produce a large amount of content for the site. However putting quantity over quality is counter productive. In the end, a brand is better served by producing a small amount of high-quality content than producing a large amount of low quality content . Viewers are more likely to stay on a page longer if there’s something worth reading on it. It also makes them more likely to share. Rushing to produce a large number of articles can also lead to mistakes that hurts the perception of the content and the brand in general. A 2013 study from Disruptive Communications found that 40 percent of respondents admitted that poor spelling and grammar reduced their favorable impression of a brand.

Producing quality content that’s  share by others is essential for business owners engaged in a content marketing strategy.  For more research on what makes content shareable, read this article on our site about a 2014 study on best practices for content. Marketers should also keep in mind that high-quality content is the future of SEO. Producing content with wings gives business owners numerous advantages over their competition.

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