3 Essential Elements of a Successful Google AdWords Campaign

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

3 Essential Elements of a Successful Google AdWords Campaign

A recent survey found that over 40% of the business owners in the United States plan on increasing their Google AdWords budget in the coming up. The reason for the popularity of AdWords is the results this paid search tool can produce. While Google AdWords is a great tool, if it is not used properly, it can result in a business losing a lot of money.

This is why hiring marketing professionals to help develop and maintain AdWords campaigns is so important. Your Google AdWords campaign will need a few essential elements to be successful and here are some of them.

1. Make Sure Your Ads are Optimized For Mobile Users

Using a smartphone to get information on the go is something most modern consumers do. This is why making sure your Google Ads are optimized for these users is so important. If a person on a mobile device is unable to find the information they need to either call or find your business, they will move onto a competitor. There are a variety of AdWords extensions that make your ads more mobile-friendly.

Using things like the location and call extensions in your ad copy is a great way to provide consumers with great information. The location extension provides a reader with the ability to pull up directions to your business location from their phone. The call extension allows consumers to call your business directly if they need more information about the products/services being offered.

2. Properly Placed Keywords

When consumers use Google to find information, they enter various keywords. Knowing popular keyword phrases is crucial when trying to get your ad in front of people who are interested in what your business offers. The keywords you use in your ad copy will directly impact your quality score.

This metric was developed by Google to show consumers how relevant a particular ad is in relation to the phrases they have searched for. Most business owners will be unable to find and use the right keywords in their ad copy. This is why hiring professionals to handle this difficult and necessary work is vital. Before hiring a company to handle your Google AdWords campaign, you should find out more about their track record. Ideally, you want to work with a company that has a track record of helping other businesses reach their marketing goals.

3. Informative Landing Pages

The links featured in your ad copy need to be directly related to the product/service you are advertising. If the landing page link is not related, it will lead to readers visiting your website and immediately leaving. The only reason readers click your links is to find out more about the product/service mentioned in the copy. Giving your audience what they want can help you improve conversion rates.

Don’t Take on AdWords Alone

When used properly, Google AdWords can help you grow your bottom line. The team at Web Marketing Pros can help you create a winning AdWords campaign.

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