10 Recent Stats that Will Make You A Better Marketer

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

market-research-dataIt’s important for business owners and marketers to stay up to date with the latest research on marketing trends and consumer attitudes. Internet marketing and ecommerce are ever-changing industries and being behind on trends can lead to lost sales and opportunities. There’s a lot of marketing research published every week, and we can’t cover all of it. Here are 10 statistics from recent marketing studies that can help business owners improve their ecommerce and digital marketing campaigns.

  1. Recently, comScore and UPS released a study that found 68% of US online shoppers will not make purchases with retailers that do not offer free returns shipping.

  2. The UPS/comScore study also reported that 83% of US online shoppers are willing to wait an additional two days for delivery if shipping is free.

  3. And mirroring previous research, the study needed 58% of US online shoppers have added items to their shopping carts in order to qualify for free shipping.

  4. Nielsen recently released data that found 76% of global consumers are willing to pay more for foods that promote health benefits.

  5. The same study reported that 56% of North American consumers trust health claims on food packages, this is more trusting that people in Europe and less trusting than consumers globally.

  6. A comScore study found that online videos are becoming more popular. They reported that 87% of online Americans watch video online.

  7. Online video is watched more in the daytime than at night. The comScore study found that 40% of online viewing of broadcast TV network daytime programs occurs on mobile devices, compared to 20% for prime time programs.

  8. The report also noted that a lot of these videos are being watched on mobile devices. According to comScore, 60% of millennials watch video on smartphones at least once a month, and 15% do so at least once a day.

  9. Nielsen released data that shows the value of internet marketing. They reported that 50% increase in an ad’s reach will increase ad-driven sales by 50%.

  10. The Nielsen researchers also found that even when fraudulent clicks are taken out of the data, 59% of digital ad impressions reached the intended audience on average.

These statistics covered a wide range of topics and it goes to show how beneficial keeping up with market research can be for business owners. Use this data to create internet marketing campaigns that get consumers interested and ecommerce experiences that bring customers back.

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