10 Appetizing Stats on App Usage

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

mobile-marketingFor the past few weeks, much of the discussion on mobile marketing has focused on creating mobile-friendly sites in time for Google’s big mobile search algorithm change. Creating websites that provide excellent experiences no matter the type of device the customer is using is important. However, business owners shouldn’t forget that more than 85 percent of the time spent on the mobile web is done through apps, as was reported last year. Whether or not an app is right for a business depends on the industry and size of the company. When deciding if the time is right for an for your brand, here are 10 appetizing stats on app usage to wet your mobile marketing appetite.

  1. Contact Solutions released a study in 2015 that found 27 percent of shoppers prefer to do mobile shopping in the actual store where they are shopping, but 26 percent browse mobile while in a competitor’s store.

  2. The same study also found that app usage can increase sales. Nearly one in four (23%) respondents said in-app recommendations would drive them to add more items to their cart and 33 percent said they would spend more time in the app.

  3. According to a report from comScore, app usage makes up 52 percent of total digital media engagement.

  4. Local newspaper and televisions stations should consider creating an app to share news. According to Nielsen, 30M Americans use internet and mobile apps for local news and community events.

  5. Local media channels can use apps to reach younger audiences. The Nielsen study also found that one in four (25%) Americans aged 25-34 use internet and mobile apps for local news and community events.

  6. According to new research from Forrester, nearly half of businesses offer three or fewer apps but nearly one in ten (9%) say their firm offers more than 21 apps to the market.

  7. Business should be sure to only have as many apps as they can handle. The Forrester study found that 75 percent of US digital business professionals feel that their brands’ apps aren’t updated as often as is needed.

  8. More consumers use their smartphones to access apps than anything else. According to data from INMOBI, 75% of smartphone owners access game sites or apps at least once per week, compared to 58% for social media, 54% for entertainment, and 53% for messaging.

  9. According to data cited by L2, apps accounted for 86% of time spent on smartphones in 2014, up from 80% in 2013. This means that four out of five minutes a consumer spends on their smartphones is on an app.

  10. Nielsen researchers found that 25% of Americans aged 25-34 use internet and mobile apps for local news and community events.

Creating and hosting a brand app is no easy task, but there are a lot of benefits for the brands that make the effort and get consumers to use their app. This is as much about good marketing as it is about good technology. An app is only as good as the content on it.

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