Google To Take Further Action Against Repeat Guideline Violators


One of the challenges of SEO is keeping up with changes to what’s considered acceptable practices. Search algorithms, especially the ones used by Google, have evolved greatly from the keyword counters of decades past. Not only are algorithms more adept at crawling pages for the most important information and ranking factors, they are also getting better at detecting cheaters. Google’s penalties for sites that use unethical SEO practices have done much to encourage (read: force) many marketers to do the … Continue reading

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Using “Choice” and “Choose” in Email Subject Lines Boosts Response Rates

Experian Marketing Services Q2 2015 Email Benchmark Infographic

As new technology and techniques for marketing are developed, it’s important for business owners to continually review their practices to make sure they’re getting the best investment for their marketing dollar. Though email marketing has been around for decades, research has shown that it remains one of the best values for marketers. Experian recently released their 2nd Quarter Email Benchmark Report, and it shows email marketing is growing and provides tips on improving click through rates. One of the benefits … Continue reading

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Google Sues Unethical SEO Company for Unethical Business Practices

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SEO marketing can be a pretty competitive, and at times downright cutthroat, industry. There’s only one top spot for any particular search result page and there are thousands of companies that want their content in that spot. As with many competitive industries, some companies try to cheat or use unethical practices to get ahead. Google has recently started filing suit against SEO companies that use illegal or unethical practices to gain customers. Small business owner often receive calls from other … Continue reading

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Study Shows How Rich Media Effects SEO and CTR


It’s important to remember that SEO and content marketing are two sides of the same coin. Marketers use SEO to bring potential customers to content that can turn into leads or sales. And marketers use the content to help build their SEO strategy. There’s a wide array of content types that marketers can create and this also has an effect on SEO. New data from Blue Nile Research suggests that using rich media content can have a positive SEO effect. … Continue reading

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Google AdWords Updates Conversion Tracking Options and Reporting


Google is the world’s largest search engine and the publisher of the most used mobile operating system. However, most of the company’s money and value to consumers come from its ad platform. Google AdWords has changed the way people advertise their services online through highly effective targeting. The proof has been in the pudding, with Google AdWords showing impressive conversion figures for many campaigns. Business owners who use AdWords will notice some changes in the way conversions are tracked in … Continue reading

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Twitter Expands Ad Functionality to Just About Everywhere


Social media is a powerful tool that marketers can use to connect with customers, fans and target audiences. Social media has become so big in America it’s easy to see how useful it is for reaching local audiences. However, it’s sometimes easy to underestimate the power of social media networks, like Twitter, for reaching international audiences. Twitter has expanded its ad network, and now its ads are available pretty much anywhere in the world. In the time since it became … Continue reading

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Google Updates Google My Business App for Marketers


Google is a very large company and has a wide array of services that are useful for businesses and consumers. While some get used more than others, almost every business should have a Google My Business account. The service for providing information about a business to consumers also helps improve a company’s presence on Google Maps. Google has announced updates to the Google My Business app to make it easier for business owners to manage their profiles on the go. … Continue reading

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Study Finds Millennials Men Respond Emotionally to Ad Content


Different demographics and age groups interact in different ways to various advertising and marketing messages. Understanding these interactions helps marketers create targeted campaigns that are better at soliciting a certain response or action from the consumer. New data from Unruly shows that Millennial males are more likely to respond to advertising content with more emotional responses than women or older men. Though women are often considered to be more emotional than men, this research shows that men between the ages … Continue reading

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Structured Data and Rich Snippets May Become Google Ranking Factors


Much to the chagrin of many consumers, Google has a tremendous amount of data on search behavior and website content. The eternal challenge for the company is to find ways to use that data to determine the best pages for search results. There’s some discussion within Google of adding a few new ranking factors based on the way websites are built. Google may begin using structured data, structured markup and rich snippets as ranking factors for certain kinds of search. … Continue reading

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Google Maps Updates Explore Feature to Showcase Local Businesses


Google Maps have become a ubiquitous part of everyday life in the modern age. Many consumers solely rely on the Google Maps app on their mobile device for their navigation needs. There was a time when business owners would give actual directions to their location, now, they are more likely to use an embedded Google Map. Google Maps may become more popular still if Google’s newest features take off. Google is introducing an updated “explore” feature with more detailed information … Continue reading

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