Google Announces AdWords Innovations for Local, Cross-Platform, and TV Marketing


The internet has changed dramatically in the last twenty years. The internet has grown from something that only a few people had in their homes to a state where everyone is always connected, pretty much all the time. This has been a double-edged sword for online marketers. More people are online, but they are using different devices throughout the day. This makes targeting people harder if you’re trying to reach consumers through desktop ads when everyone is using mobile. Google … Continue reading

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Facebook Launches New Ad Format for Local Retailers, But Is It Worth It?


Following last week’s news that Facebook is adding new shopping features to their Messenger app, the world’s largest social media network again made headlines with a new plan to help local social media marketers increase sales. Facebook is launching a new product listing ad format where local, brick and mortar retailers can let shoppers know about item availability. “For us solving for this mobile-to-store challenge is one of the biggest and most important opportunities for us to be spending our … Continue reading

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Facebook Adds “Buy” Button and Other Features to Monetize Messenger App


From it’s humble origins as a place for college students, Facebook has grown into an advertising juggernaut that touches the lives of almost every online consumer. Facebook has made headlines with the popularity of its desktop and mobile app and the company is hoping to bring that level of success to their Messenger app. This week, Facebook announced several new and upcoming feature for its Messenger app to make it easier for business owners to communicate with customers and generate … Continue reading

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Google Adds New Aggregate Review Scores for Local Search Knowledge Cards


The internet has made it possible for many small businesses to reach their target audience, even when it’s local consumers. This can be a double-edged sword for consumers. There are more choices than ever, but it can be hard to make the right decision. One way consumers deal with this issue is to look for reviews. Google is making it easier for people to find reviews with a planned update for local search results. Earlier this year, Google began including … Continue reading

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Google Announces Pilot Program for Google Search Live Carousel


The internet provides information quicker than ever before, but as many business owners know, search engines aren’t instantaneous. Algorithms have gotten faster at adding new website pages to search listings but it’s about to get even better. Google has announced specifics about a program where content publishers can have their newest contest shown almost instantly. Google is testing a new “Happening Now” feature for Google Search. The pilot program for the Google Search live carousel is similar to what Google … Continue reading

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Google Drops “Mobile-Friendly” Label; Plans New Penalties for “Intrusive Interstitials”


For more than a year, Google has been increasing its focus on providing satisfying mobile experiences for people who are searching from a smartphone or tablet. They launched a new algorithm that rewarded mobile friendly pages and even included a label for on mobile search results for mobile friendly pages. Google isn’t backing away from this push toward mobile. They recently announced several major changes to mobile SEO. First, Google plans to drop the “mobile-friendly” label from search results. However, … Continue reading

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Over 85% of Millennials Rely On Mobile Marketing for Online and In-Store Sales


Despite the commonly held belief that young adults are doing everything online, the majority of Millennials are still shopping in a brick and mortar retailers. According to a recent study, 53 percent of Millennials continue to shop in a physical store. This isn’t to say that online marketing is wasted on this demographic. In fact, recent research has shown that adult consumers rely heavily on online tools, especially mobile ones, while they shop in stores. According to the report, Millennials … Continue reading

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Facebook to Block Ad Blockers; Give Users More Ad Control


Advertising has been an essential, if sometimes annoying, part of mass media for decades. The digital age has created a lot of new ways for business owners to target consumers with ads. However, with the creation of ad blocker technology, websites and advertisers have been engaged in a battle to make sure their ads get shown. This problem even affects Facebook, but Facebook is fighting back in multiple, innovative ways. In an announcement earlier this week, Facebook announced multiple changes … Continue reading

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LinkedIn and Facebook Announce New Video Content Marketing Opportunities


Video content marketing has become more prevalent over the past few years and as a result, more important to marketers. Many internet portals and social media networks have scrambled over the last few years to add videos to their platforms, and to find ways to monetize this content. In recent weeks, two of the giants of social media, Facebook and LinkedIn announced plans that would help each of platforms make more of their video content offerings. LinkedIn is the biggest … Continue reading

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Google Officially Launches New Expanded Text PPC Ads


The world of PPC ads is dynamic and constantly changes. Advertising platforms are constantly experimenting with new ways to make their ads stick out or creating new advertising products to help marketers reach their target consumers. In the past few days, Google has announced the official launch of Expanded Text Ads on Google AdWords that will make the platform for effective and profitable for business owners. The first major change involves expanded text in Google AdWords. Google has been talking … Continue reading

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