7 Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn Publishing


When most marketers think about the value of LinkedIn, they immediately think about the ability to connect with other business owners and professionals. While this is certainly a good thing, there are other ways that entrepreneurs should use the social network to their advantage. LinkedIn’s system for post creation and link sharing make it an ideal platform for content marketers trying to reach a business-minded audience. Recently, Search Wilderness examined 3,000 of the most popular published content on LinkedIn to … Continue reading

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The Value of Knowing What Consumers Want


In the late 19th Century, Nikolai Tesla and Thomas Edison created competing systems for delivering power, AC and DC. Through a publicity campaign, Edison was able to convince many cities to use DC systems, even though AC systems were cheaper and easier to manage. It’s an example that though much of marketing is about having the right product, in the right place, at the right time, it’s important that business owners and marketers say the right things to consumers. This … Continue reading

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Facebook Testing Disappearing Posts on iOS

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Facebook may be taking the saying, “if you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em”, to heart. At least they’re trying to. The social media giant is running a small test of feature that would let Facebook users create messages that disappear after a certain period of time. This feature would similar to the popular app SnapChat, which lets users send messages that can’t be saved. Right now, little is known officially about the test. According a spokesperson for Facebook cited by … Continue reading

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Major Update Google Penguin 3.0 – Are You Ready?


The way Google continually updates its algorithms is one of the reasons why Google is still on top. By modifying the algorithms, the company is able to provide better results for searchers and lower the rankings of pages that give less-than-desirable experiences. Every Google update means a shakeup of search rankings, which can be very good or very bad, depending on how it affects a particular site. A recent statement from a Google employee implies that marketers will probably see … Continue reading

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8 Stats About AOL That Will Surprise You


For internet users of a certain age, the name America Online conjures up memories of ear-piercingly loud modems, discovering the fun of talking to complete strangers, and an endless supply of free trial software that came in the mail, magazines, and cereal boxes. However, besides a heavy dose of nostalgia, is there any reason for marketers to pay attention to AOL? Yes, believe it or not, AOL has had a resurgence of late. The company recently returned to profitability and … Continue reading

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Pinterest Web Search Getting Much More Robust


Pinterest has a new Guided Search feature, which the company first released on mobile two months ago. Now it is coming to the web. Pinterest’s users will see a brand new search bar when they visit the website. It works just as well on mobile too. The new feature will provide keyword recommendations that will help users to come up with better queries and better results in search. For instance, if you search for BBQ on the site, Pinterest might … Continue reading

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Twitter to Start Testing “Buy” Button in Tweets


One of the greatest challenges for social media marketers comes when a business decides to monetize their social media accounts. It’s relatively easy to gain fans or likes, or but it’s harder to translate that activity directly into sales. Since social networks weren’t built with ecommerce in mind, the owners of the various social platforms are working hard to add shopping features. The most recent news on this front come from Twitter. This week, Twitter announced they would start testing … Continue reading

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The Great Debate: Is Twitter Good for TV Marketing?

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As much as we like to promote research-based marketing tactics here at Web Marketing Pros, there are times when research doesn’t give marketers a clear picture of what to do. It’s especially challenging when two studies from the same period have differing opinions. This is the situation for marketers who have been keeping up with research on Twitter and television marketing. In the past two months, two studies have been released with very different opinions on the effectiveness of this … Continue reading

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Study Suggests YouTube Is The Best Network For Conversions


YouTube is a blessing for marketers in several important ways. The primary benefit of YouTube is that it’s a place for marketers to distribute video content to consumers. Marketers can make product information videos, behind the scenes videos, interviews, commercials, and more, all on a network with hundreds of millions of viewers, and it’s free to publish. The other benefit comes from YouTube’s ability to send referral traffic to a website. This can happen from people clicking on ads or … Continue reading

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Pinterest Email SNAFU Shows Dangers of Over Reliance on Automation


By its nature, anything done over the internet produces a lot of data and this allows marketers to understand their audiences better than ever before. To illustrate, in print newspapers and magazines, a consumer buys the entire periodical, but there’s no way to know which articles got read, what articles people shared with friends, which ads were seen, or which ads were the most effective. By contrast, internet marketers normally have all of this information readily available from click activity. … Continue reading

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