3 Ways Adwords Express Wastes Your Money


Have you considered using Google’s new service Adwords Express? This new product is advertised as an automatic and easy way for small businesses to get more customers. But what it mostly is turning out to be is an automatic waste of your hard-earned money. Google came up with Adwords Express for busy business people who do not have the time to come up with an ad, select keywords, pick a budget and so on. Google creates everything for you, but … Continue reading

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25% of Thanksgiving Weekend Online Sales Will Be On Mobile Devices


It’s November and every business owner knows that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the best times to sell products in-store and online, respectively. This dynamic remains relatively true, but it’s not the whole story. In this case, what every business owner knows, isn’t all there is to know. A recent study from from Adobe gives predictions for the Thanksgiving sales period and the data gives business owners useful insights about what will happen that can be used to plan … Continue reading

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Google Maps App Gets a Makeover – And Why It Matters To Marketers

The new Google Maps app

The world’s most popular map app has a sleek new look and a few new tricks to wow the masses. Updates to a map app don’t usually warrant the attention of business owners, but this app is different. From the new features to the new design, the newest upgrades for the Google Maps app are just as good for marketers as they are for people who need directions. The newest version of the app will be rolling out over the … Continue reading

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Combining Facebook and Email Marketing Increases Effectiveness by 22%


A recent study found that email and social media are the most effective marketing tools for business owners to use. And just like peanut butter and chocolate, mixing two good things make one great thing. A recent study from Sales Marketing Force focused on what happens when retailers use email and Facebook ads together. The results showed that when email marketing and Facebook are used at the same time, people were significantly more likely to act on the content. “Today, … Continue reading

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Twitter Marketing Generated $716 Million in Auto Sales


If there’s one thing that marketers should learn from Twitter, it’s that you can make a big impact with a small message. Though it may be trickier than Facebook marketing, the sheer number of Twitter marketing success stories is evidence that the platform has value to marketers and advertisers. For critics who want more hard evidence, Twitter recently partnered with MarketShare to do a study on the effectiveness of Twitter marketing on auto sales. The results from this study show … Continue reading

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Desktop vs Mobile Search CTR – Study Shows How Rankings Affect Clicks


No matter what kind of device consumers use to connect to the internet, search engines are where most people begin their journey for information, entertainment and shopping. This makes high placement on search engine results a necessity for businesses that want to use the internet to reach new customers. Though SEO is important for both mobile and desktop marketing, the kind of device consumers choose influences search behavior. A recent study from seoClarity shows marketers just how much device choice … Continue reading

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New Google Tool Identifies Mobile Site Design Issues

It is impossible to overstate the importance of mobile devices for modern internet marketing. The reasons for this are simple: research has shown that more ecommerce is happening on mobile devices; mobile devices are the primary means many consumers use for accessing the internet and in some cases, the only means; and mobile devices are the only way to reach consumers who are searching for information as they are shopping in stores. Most business owners have accepted this, but they … Continue reading

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Leaked Photos & New Ads, an Up and Down Month for Snapchat


When people speak about the decline of teens on Facebook (something that is greatly exaggerated), one of the apps commonly cited as being a competitor is Snapchat. The temporary nature of content sent via Snapchat makes the app a convenient choice for users who don’t want everything they say and post saved by the social network. October has been an up and down month for Snapchat. The company is facing scrutiny following an issue with leaked photos but it also … Continue reading

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Understanding the Impact of Panda 4.1 on Your Site

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During the past few weeks, most SEO experts and internet marketers have been paying attention to the Penguin 3.0 update. The rollout for the algorithm change began last week, so it’s too soon to know what has been affected. However, the most recent update of Google’s Panda algorithm has been running for several weeks now and enough data has come in for marketers to make assumptions about what has changed and how it affects the sites of business owners. As … Continue reading

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Penguin 3.0 Now Live, Affects 1% of US Searches


After months of waiting, the most recent update to Google’s Penguin algorithm went into effect at the end of last week. It’s been a year since Google last updated Penguin, so there was a lot of anticipation around this release. As is usually the case with Google’s algorithms, not a whole lot is known for certain about what has changed and how it will affect websites. Though much remains unknown about Penguin 3.0, there’s enough information available to let business … Continue reading

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